Sylvia Muff, Head of the Flower Guild, with Jack

Flowers & Sanctuary Lamp

Flowers on the altar today are given to the glory of God in memory of Larry's good friend and colleague, Robbi Boone.  The sanctuary lamp is given to the glory of God by Tanya, asking your prayers for all those who are in nursing homes with no one to visit them.  Please contact Sylvia Muff, Mistress of the Flowers, with any questions about flowers. Sylvia’s number is (830) 708-1902. The cost of flowers (when purchased by the Domina Florum – Mistress of the Flowers) is $30; the cost to donate the Sanctuary Lamp is $10, payable to Larry Mooney, our Magister Monetarum – Parish Treasurer.

 Altar Flowers at St Joseph's . . .